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Music & Peacebuilding Podcast

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Are you overwhelmed by the violence our children face? Do you believe our most important artistic work is in building connection and care? Join us on the Music and Peacebuilding podcast as we explore diverse perspectives, disciplines, and stories to reclaim connection and care through the arts.

Season 1 Episodes:

1. The Countercultural Peacebuilding of Mister Rogers with Dr. Michael Long

2. Singing songs of mattering, caring, and altruism: Lived experiences within choral contexts with Dr. Elizabeth Parker;

3. Building life skills and embracing musical cultures with World Music Drumming with Mr. James Mader;

4. Plumbing the Depths of Connectedness with Mr. Jon Rudy

5. Yoga Mindfulness and Music Education

6. Singing Connected Relationships in Prison Contexts with Dr. Mary Cohen

7. The Musical Politics of Belonging in 1917: A Conversation with Douglas Bomberger

8. Decolonizing the Music Room with Brandi Waller-Pace

9. Sonia de los Santos & the Joy of Musical Voice

10. Josh Ryan & World Music Drumming

11. Musicking Ecosystems with Dan Shevock

12. Peace Agency with Bridget Moix

13. Tuku Music & Hunhu

14. Creative Peacebuilding with Vurayay Pugeni

15. Yogic Values of Peace with Dr. Jeff Long

16. Epic Traditions: Restorying Women and Ethics of Care through Dance

17. Anabaptist Perspectives

18. The Humanizing Project: Addressing Racism and White Supremacy within Systemic Structures

19. Drumming Empowered Lives of Community with Hong Le

20. The Embodied Poetry of Ritual and Symbol in Transformative Space

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