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Music Teacher Education Resources for COVID-19

One of my goals in creating the Music & Peacebuilding podcast was to create resources that can be used for our new Master's program. I know that none of us could have ever imagined the oncoming disruption of a global pandemic. I leave the resources on this page in case it helps you to provide rich resources to students.

Each video has a link to a webpage that has a full transcript, discussion questions, and references that may help you take students deeper in exploring topics and issues.

This is an interview that leads students to think about how Mister Rogers framed his presence, the intention of his gaze, and his pacing.

This is an interview with Dr. Elizabeth Parker on her research on choirs and the cultivation of identity. This episode holds valuable insights for future music teachers on the formation of the self in ensemble environments as well as approaches to creating caring environments.

Mr. James Mader, a public school teacher in Florida speaks about the sequenced curriculum within World Music Drumming and his approach to building ensembles of social-emotional learning in a high-need school district.

This episode explores the music of Grammy-nominated Sonia de los Santos. It also looks at literature on the importance of play and joy within music education. The scholarly references used are listed on the linked web page.

This is an ethnomusicology episode with Dr. Jennifer Kyker on the legacy of Oliver Mtukudzi. It explores the ethic of hunhu (Ubuntu) and how this ethic of dialogues and multiple readings was lived out in song.

This is a musicology episode with Dr. Douglas Bomberger on his book on the musical history of 1917. It explores how music might be integral to the expression of the politics of belonging - both statements of universality as well as states of us vs. them as dichotomies arose at the state of World War I.

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