Masters Program and World Music Drumming

Room and Board

Sign up below to make reservations for room and board for either the Masters Program or for the World Music Drumming week. 


2021 Information

Participants will stay in the Hackman Apartments or the residence halls. Meals will be provided in the Brossman Commons. The World Music Drumming Workshop runs from July 12-16. The Masters program runs from July 10 with departure on the 17th. To sign up for the workshop, participants should go to


Where do I check in?

On the first day of the workshop, you may check in at the table outside of tempest theatre. All others should contact Kevin Shorner-Johnson.

When do I pay for the room?

Please pay Kevin Shorner-Johnson upon arrival. You will be sent an invoice for the room stay. A check can be made out to Elizabethtown College or we also accept cash.

Do I need to bring linens?

Yes, you need to bring linens for a single bed. The College can provide pillows and blankets (bring your own pillow case).

Is there air conditioning in the residence halls and apartments?


What kinds of accommodations are in an apartment?

Each apartment has a full kitchen with a stove, microwave, and refrigerator. Apartments typically have 2-3 bedrooms.

What about meals?

I will reserve the number of meal tickets that you request. Additional meals can be purchased in the cafeteria. Dining hours are posted HERE.

Is there access to wifi?

Yes, the College provides access to wifi.


Room: $19/night for a single room.


Apartment: $125/ night.

Breakfast: $7.60
Lunch: $12.40
Dinner: $14.20

Housing Registration is Now Closed for 2021. Contact Kevin Shorner-Johnson with questions

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Thank you for requesting room and board.