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Masters Program and World Music Drumming

Room and Board

Registration for 2024 is open! The World Music Drumming Week is July 8-12, 2024. Masters students will be on campus from July 8-13 (leaving at 1pm).


2024 Information

Participants will stay in residential area designated by Etown. Meals will be provided in the Brossman Commons.

To register for a World Music Drumming Workshop, you must go to:


Where do I check in?

On the first day of the workshop, you may check in at the table outside of tempest theatre. If arriving on a Sunday, you will need to check in with Kevin Shorner-Johnson.

When do I pay for the room?

Please pay Kevin Shorner-Johnson upon arrival. You will be sent an invoice for the room stay. A check can be made out to Elizabethtown College or we also accept cash.

Do I need to bring linens?

Yes, you need to bring linens for a single bed. The College can provide pillows and blankets (bring your own pillow case).

Is there air conditioning in the residence halls and apartments?


Are kitchens provided?

Our residence halls have shared refrigerators and food preparations areas.

What about meals?

I will reserve the number of meal tickets that you request.

Is there access to wifi?

Yes, the College provides access to wifi. Sometimes public school computer virus protection programs have a hard time with Etown wifi. We provide tech support to assist.


Room: $37 - Single Occupancy room per person-per night (state occupancy tax included)

You will need to bring your own sheets, towels, and pillow cases.

Breakfast: $9
Lunch: $13
Dinner: $16

Room and Board Registration

Participant type: I am a
Days needed:
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Thank you for requesting room and board.
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