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Compassionate Music Teaching Series

Karin Hendricks book “Compassionate Music Teaching” offers rich perspectives on the nature of compassion within music teaching. Profiling the embodied practices of Dorothy Delay, Steve Massey, Brian Michaud, Marcus Santos, and Renae Timbie, Hendricks explores what compassionate teaching might look like in a diversity of embodied practices. I love this in particular because it recognizes that compassionate teaching may look very differently from one embodied practice to another, as we explore the depth of our values and how we enact compassion and care within the unique contexts of our contexts, relationships, and being.

Karin Hendricks
Karin Hendricks

In Episode 1, we explored Karin Hendricks scholarship on Suzuki and how her research on Suzuki was the springboard for the exploration of embodied practices of compassion. Also included in this episode is an exploration of the practices of Dorothy Delay and a tribute from Wynton Marsalis on the practice of Steve Massey.

In Episode 2, we explored the laughter and joy of Marcus Santos. Santos is an amazing educator who has transformed sleepy-eyed mornings into spaces of welcome and belonging for diverse populations through Afro-centric percussion traditions.

And finally in Episode 3, we explored notions of home, belonging, and dignity with Renae Timbie. Timbie is an inspiring music educator because she has followed her heart and her calling, a calling that has led her to her home in Athens, Greece, where she leads a multi-cultural choir that welcomes children with refugee status.

I hope that this series will inspire you as it has inspired me, to chart even deeper paths of compassionate practice in my teaching.

Shinichi Suzuki
The Embodiment of Suzuki

This episode is the first of a three-part series exploring Dr. Karin Hendricks’ book on Compassionate Music Teaching. In this series, we will follow the profiles within the book to encounter lived practices of relationship, identity, community, voice, empathy, and dignity in music education. In this first episode, we explore Hendricks’ research on Suzuki, Steve Massey’s legacy of community, music, and leadership, Brian Michaud’s joy and curiosity, and the patient question-driven instruction of Dorothy Delay. This episode also contains a special treat with a tribute by Wynton Marsalis in honor of Steve Massey.

Marcus Santos
Marcus Santos

This 2nd of the Compassionate Music Teaching Series explores Afro-Centric musical traditions, Samba Reggae, and the importance of empathy in music teaching and learning with [Marcus Santos]( . Santos is a native of Bahia, Brazil who commits his life to the study, teaching, and performance of Afro-Brazilian music and heritage.

His network titled, [Grooversity]( has built from traditions of Samba Reggae performance as a time-space for social change.

As an episode of laughter, joy, and curiosity this episode explores the embodied joy and empathetic practice of Marcus Santos as is profiled by Karin Hendricks’ book Compassionate Music Teaching.

Renae Timbie and Choir
Renae Timbie with her choir

This podcast explores notions of dignity, home, identity and collaborative music making with Renae Timbie.

As the third and final podcast in a series on Compassionate Music Teaching, Karin Hendricks writes that Renae Timbie has an “instinctual ability to connect deeply with people no matter who they are, and no matter their worldview.”

This podcast enters that conversation with Timbie, exploring her work with multicultural and refugee choirs and the search for home and identity across diverse cultures.

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