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New Course in Social Emotional Learning!

Updated: Feb 24

After months of work, we are excited to launch a new course in social emotional learning! This course will be offered for $150 through the Etown Edge platform as a six-unit fully asynchronous course.

This course allows you to explore issues related to social emotional learning through the study of research in music education, social psychology, neuroscience, and literature on social and emotional learning.

Kevin Shorner-Johnson with Students
Dr. Kevin Shorner-Johnson is the instructor of this SEL Course

The course covers topics in:

  • SEL and CASEL Competencies

  • Prosocial Behaviors and Self-Regulation

  • Psychology of Emotions

  • Belonging

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Trauma-sensitive SEL

At the end of each unit, you are prompted to reflect on what this research means to you in your classroom context. Students who finish the Etown Edge course can use their studies to complete a related graduate course in Social Emotional Learning.

As we launch this new course, we are offering an introductory price of $50 to the first 50 students!

Register below to lock in the introductory price! The course will be ready for launch by the beginning of March.

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